Welcome to Body Grace

Body Grace is an Aberdeenshire business owned by Denise Gracie who specialises and is fully qualified in
Pilates and BarreConcept, offering mixed ability and over sixties group classes in the North East of Scotland.
Denise has a great passion for sharing the many benefits that these regimes can bring.

Classes help to improve core and muscle strength, posture, flexibility and balance,
all while promoting a sense of relaxation in a friendly and fun environment.

Denise’s aim is to show students how to inspire themselves to be the best they can be and help them reach
their full potential by not holding them back in any way but also by keeping them safe in class always.

Over 60’s Pilates

There are lots of benefits of keeping active later in life and people should never feel they are too old to start a fitness class. These classes provide the freedom and independence to enjoy life in later years, while specifically focussing on areas of the body which can deteriorate with the aging process, such as the hip and shoulder joints.Over 60’s 



BarreConcept method is a low impact total body workout, set to the beat and the phrase of high energy dance music, combining the precision of Pilates, the alignment of yoga, the technique of ballet and the strength from sports conditioning – making it a dynamic workout that lifts the butt, tones the thighs, sculpts the arms, flattens the abdominals and burns fat all at the same time while improving cardiovascular fitness.  


Pilates will help to improve general fitness levels and create a sense of body awareness and improved coordination. It can also help with injury prevention, muscle strains and aid in rebuilding and strengthening damaged muscle tissue. It can reduce stress and anxiety levels and help with getting better night’s sleep. By correcting muscle imbalance, faulty muscle recruitment patterns and bad habits, the body is brought back into alignment.

Customer Testimonials

I love my Pilates class on a Tuesday morning.  Denise is an excellent teacher who cares about all of her students and teaches us to our individual strengths.  When I had major surgery my consultant felt that my fast recovery was partly due to my Pilates classes and Denise’s caring approach to regaining my fitness.  I couldn’t recommend Body Grace highly enough.

Pilates with Denise is fab, would highly recommend it if you are thinking about it.  I’ve gained a lot of benefits from the class and Denise ensures everyone is well looked after (especially us lot who are suffering from injury).  She really pays attention to our needs and positively coaches you in correct form and technique (even managing to explain some trickier poses so well that even someone like me that is very uncoordinated can manage).  Lovely mix of people who go to each of her classes.

BarreConcept: Denise is a brilliant coach/teacher, very thorough, highly professional and yet patient.  I feel the benefit from attending the class so much that I increased it to twice weekly.  I would highly recommend joining one of Denise’s classes.