This informatrion  page contains useful infor mation such as locations, terms and conditions and some frquently asked quetiosn, if there is any information not here please drop me a message and I will gladly respond.

What should I wear to a Pilates or BarreConcept class?

Light, comfortable, fitted clothing such as leggings/shorts and t-shirts/vests are best, avoiding anything too baggy.  Exercises can be performed either bare-footed or with grip socks.       

Do I need to bring anything to the class?  

Pilates mats along with small equipment including blocks, stretch bands and gym balls are provided, however for further support a small towel and/or cushion may also be brought.  It’s always good to bring some water. For classes outwith the Axis Centre a Pilates mat is requited to be brought.       

I’m new to Pilates/ BarreConcept and I’m not sure what to expect….  

All classes aim to improve health and overall wellbeing but are also a great opportunity to have fun and meet new people who share a similar interest in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Pilates and BarreConcept are both low impact exercise regimes, however Pilates classes are carried out at a much slower pace with background music and greater opportunity to ask questions during the class.  BarreConcept is a challenging workout carried out to the beat of very fast music which also includes a Pilates and Yoga mat work section within the class.     

Can I attend classes if I’m pregnant?  

Existing Pilates students can continue to attend their usual class throughout their pregnancy until such time that they feel unable to do so.  Exercises will be modified and/or adapted as well as alternative exercises given taking into consideration the stage of the pregnancy and the students’ needs to ensure safety and wellbeing.     

Existing BarreConcept students are permitted to continue in their usual class until week 11 of pregnancy and after this time it is recommended that they continue in a Pilates class instead.  BarreConcept is not suitable for students after the first trimester unless they are attending a specific BarreConcept class for pregnancy.  Exercises may however require to be modified up to week 11 depending on the exercises being carried out within the class, although most exercises will be carried out as normal up until this time. 

It is recommended that you advise Denise of your pregnancy as soon as is practical to ensure your safety in class at all times.   

Can I attend a class if I’m post-natal?  

Post Natal clients are welcome to attend a Pilates or BarreConcept class following a post-partum check at 8 weeks and full sign off by the doctor. For new Pilates students who have not done Pilates previously an induction session must be carried out prior to joining a class.  For new students wishing to attend a BarreConcept class they will only be permitted to join once a full discussion in terms of fitness level has taken place.  If the individual has a good level of fitness, they will be able to join, however for students with a lower level of fitness it is recommended that they attend Pilates in the first instance due to the fast-paced nature of BarreConcept.   

Are children permitted to exercise in class?  

Children are not permitted to take part in any classes.  

How can I pay for my classes?  

Classes run on a block basis and payment is made in advance of the first class in the block by visiting Details of how to book are provided once a place has been confirmed directly with Denise. Gymcatch | Book In-person, Live Virtual & On Demand Fitness

What do I do if I need to cancel my class? 

Please refer to cancellation policy for further details.  Please contact Denise directly if you are unable to attend and wish to attend an alternative class.  All blocks run on a consecutive basis and sessions not attended are not permitted to be carried over, however Denise will offer students the opportunity to attend other classes where possible to compensate for missed sessions at the student’s request. Alternatively, a pre recorded class may be issued via email. Although it is not necessary to advise if you are unable to attend it is helpful if you can.   

I have a medical condition or a recent injury, will this prevent me from attending a class?  

As with all exercise programmes, please seek medical advice from your doctor before undertaking any form of exercise and in all cases if you have a medical condition or injury which may impact your participation.  All students are required to complete a health questionnaire known as a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) form prior to class participation.   

Additional Information   

Please try to arrive at class on time to avoid any class disruptions where possible.    

Always let Denise know about any changes to your body, changes in your overall health as well as any new injuries.  This is very important in order to prevent injuries and allow exercises to be modified and/or adapted to suit your needs.     

Always ask questions when the need arises.  It may be the case that some questions can wait until after class, but sometimes a certain exercise — in that moment — triggers a question that has been lingering and in such cases it’s always best to ask a question like that during the class in order to err on the side of caution.  

Never do any exercises or movements which hurt your body or cause pain or discomfort in any way whatsoever. Exercises can always be modified and/or adapted to suit the needs of all students as well as alternative exercises being given.  Please do keep in mind that one size does not fit all, and the beauty of Pilates is that it can be modified and/or adapted to suit ‘all’ bodies.  

Rest assured that all students’ personal information obtained via PAR-Q forms is strictly confidential and is stored in a safe and appropriate manner.      


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These terms and conditions include general terms and conditions relating to the services provided by Body Grace.   

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as your use of Body Grace services are subject to these terms.  You now hereby agree to Body Graces’ terms and conditions.   

Block Booking, Payment & Cancellation

Classes are sold on a block basis with courses being between 5 and 8 weeks consecutively, where by the length of the block is determined and run in line with the Aberdeenshire School timetable. All classes are run on a block booking basis only, with no option for pay as you go being offered- Classes are £8 per session payable on a block booking basis.  

Pay as you go classes operate during the summer holidays only, where classes are required to be booked in advance directly with Body Grace.   

All blocks must be paid at the start of the new block via the GymCatch online booking system and all clients agree to the 24hr notice policy when cancelling a block.  

If you have committed to a new block but decide to cancel and not take the reserved space with less than 24 hours notice, you will still be liable to pay the block in full.  If you cancel in advance of the 24hr period, payment will not be required.    

For pay as you go classes run during holiday periods, if a session is cancelled 24 hours before the class, payment will not be required, however should a session be cancelled within 24 hours of the class, the session will still be payable.   

Please bear in mind that Body Grace operates a waiting list system for all classes and to ensure that a space can be offered out to the next person on the waiting list quickly, Body Grace requests that as much notice as possible is provided in the event that a space is no longer required.   

Blocks run on a continuous basis throughout the year and all spaces are automatically reserved going forward into the next block unless Body Grace is notified otherwise.    

For private sessions, should a session be cancelled within the 24hr cancellation period, the full cost of the session is payable.   

Missed Classes

Any classes missed during the block are non refundable, however Body Grace will accommodate students by allowing them to make up missed classes by attending additional classes where possible.  

Client Health

Clients who are unwell should not attend classes and should stay at home out of respect for the other students and the teacher.

Late Arrivals

Please arrive on time. It is important to arrive at class on time as it shows respect to the other students and the teacher.  If you know you will be arriving late, please advise Body Grace of this in advance so as little disruption as possible is caused to the other students.  

Information on this website

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Body Grace will collect personal information from you in the form of the ‘Pre-Exercise Health Questionnaire’ in order to provide you with a service.  Body Grace does not share any of your details with any third party and ensures that all information is held safely and securely.